The Government believes that by investing specific funding to identified cohorts of learners there will be a significant narrowing of the gap between sub groups. In response to Government thinking there is now a separate allocation of funding called the catch-up premium.

Schools will receive an additional premium of £500 for each Year 7 pupil who has not achieved at least level 4 in reading and/or maths (maximum £500 per pupil) at Key Stage 2. The premium will be available to all state-funded schools with a Year 7 cohort. The Government have committed to continuing the funding for at least the duration of the current spending review to 2015.

The money is to be used by schools to deliver additional tuition or intensive support in small groups, giving pupils valuable support to bring them up to speed so that they are more likely to succeed at Kingsthorpe College. The Government expects the funding to be used for additional literacy and numeracy catch-up during Year 7 given that this can make a critical difference to pupils at this important stage.


For the academic year 2015-2016 the college received the total funding of £36,000.

The funding was allocated to:

  • Provision of HLTA support in English and Maths lessons
  • Personalised catch up sessions for identified students
  • Specialist LSA working with identified students on a Phonics teaching programme
  • Summer School provision for identified students with a numeracy/literacy focus with impact measurable outcomes

Kingsthorpe College Approach

On entry to Year 7 in the academic year 2015 -2016 we have 22 students (9.48%) who have not achieved Level 4 in Maths; 19 students who have not achieved Level 4 in English (8.18%) and 31 students (13.36 %) who have not achieved Level 4 in either Maths or English.

The College intends to use the £36,000 to focus directly on the specific cohort of learners identified. Our approach, to ensure maximum progression towards securing a level 4, is to secure staffing and a modern curriculum approach that maximises impact.

We feel that the 2014 DfE guidance outlines a targeted approach that would be hugely beneficial to our learners. ‘Effective use of funding to support catch-up’ may include:

  • Individual tuition in addition to classroom teaching
  • Intensive small-group tuition
  • Purchasing external services and materials to add to those provided by the school, for example tutor services or proven computer-based learning or online support
  • Summer or holiday schools to deliver intensive catch-up over a short period

The intentions for 2015/16 academic year are:

  • A Specialist English Intervention Teacher will be working with identified students on basic Literacy Progress units
  • A Specialist Maths Intervention Teacher will be working with students on basic numeracy
  • Personalised catch up sessions will be organised with identified students in English and Maths in addition to their normal lessons
  • Adaption of the year 7 curriculum to create bespoke individual and small group sessions led by HLTAs.
  • Support for both English and Maths teaching teams using the HLTAs within the core curriculum.
  • The delivery of a phonics based programme for identified students in English
  • Provision of a Summer School with a Numeracy and Literacy focus which is impact measured – proportional with PP

Kingsthorpe College closely monitors all spending and impact on student performance and adjusts its approach in the light of this.

Last updated: 23 Feb 2017