Together Everyone Achieves More – House Motto.  

The House is led by Mrs Watts (Achievement Director) and Mrs Patel (House Manager) along with a talented team of 12 tutors who all work in partnership with our students to enable them to experience a plethora of opportunities; some that pose difficulties, testing/developing their resilience and those that provide them with chances to shine and celebrate their success and achievements in College and beyond.

In Red House we believe in getting THE BASICS right.

Teamwork – working together to make a real difference for all.
Honour – building pride and resilience.
Engaging – enjoying a range of structured tutorial activities in an effective learning environment.
Belonging – getting involved and being an active participant in College life.
Aspiration – look to the future and learn from the past, to reach your ultimate goals.
Safe - displaying the core values; CARE, ASPIRATION, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY and improving the life of others.
Identity - being you, sharing your uniqueness to make a diverse and vibrant community.
Challenge – be the best you can be, aim high and use all opportunities as a way to grow.
Success – the ultimate goal for us all, a chance for us to share and celebrate together.

In Red House, we truly aim to make a difference, not just within the walls of the College but within the wider community. The Student House council is the voice of our student body and seeks to promote positive change for all. Making a change, making a pledge and making someone smile are their aims and this is clearly evident in the fundraising and charity events planned throughout the year. This year’s charities include ‘Cerebra’ and ‘Brainwave’ two organisations who work tirelessly to provide both children and adults with cerebral palsy to live their lives to the full.

Red House strives to be the best in all we do and we look forward to continuing to have a positive impact on College life and look forward to working with both our new and present Red House students in September 2016.

Mrs Watts and Mrs Patel

Last updated: 22 Apr 2018