2fast2soon – Students in year 12 learn about Road safety

Students from year 12 had a visit from the company 2fast2soon, who delivered a lesson on driving safety and avoiding the pressures of drink-driving and driving while texting. Young people are disproportionately more likely to be involved or killed in car accidents, and many may not be aware of the ramifications of dangerous driving. Many students are now starting to learn to drive, so the timing of the talk is particularly appropriate.

Sixth Form Art & Photography Trip

Sixth Form Art & Photography students enjoyed a fantastic trip to London during January.  We started off with a visit to the Saatchi Gallery for the current ‘Painters’ Painters’ exhibition.  We were given a brief introductory talk from a member of the gallery staff and then were able to explore the exhibition of contemporary painters for ourselves.  Our Fine Art students enjoyed looking at the variety of painting techniques and approaches while the Photographers in our group used the gallery and exhibition space to experiment with some creative photography compositions and tec

Year 13 Business and Economics students learn about China

Year 13 Business and Economics students study globalisation, particularly the emergence of China as a global economic power. We were very fortunate to welcome Dr Shaowei He, Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton’s China and Emerging Economies Centre, this week. Dr He gave students an overview of Chinese economic history; China has been a one party state, ruled by the Communists since 1949. If you wanted to marry or change jobs, or even have more than one child, you had to gain permission from the State!


Last updated: 10 Mar 2018