Post 16 students talk on gaps years

Students in year 12 and 13 were treated to an exciting and inspirational talk from Rachel Cuddy, who works for the charity Project Trust.  Project Trust support students in taking gaps years after they finish their A-level/BTEC qualifications before they start at work or university.  They send students to places all over the world (over 30 locations, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America).

Students celebrate well being week

Post 16 students celebrate well being week

Thursday 1st February was ‘Time To Talk Day’, where people are encouraged to talk about their well being to remove the stigma that is so often attached to mental health concerns.  We have been celebrating and raising awareness of this with a variety of activities, including an assembly by Miss Wainwright on taking care of yourself, and a talk from Doctor Mike Scanlan on promoting positive mental health.  All students in Post 16 will be making a ‘pledge’ as to how they will try and remove the stigma surrounding mental health during tutor time, and these will be displa

Take Flight - visit to Chicago

Over half term, Project ‘Take Flight’ travelled to Chicago to visit our partner schools and see what developments have been made over the last year.  The cohort this year consisted of four Year 13 students, Olivia, Corey, Harvey and Abi, two members of staff, myself and Zoe Day, and Conor Cotter.  Conor was part of the 2016 cohort but, having passed his A levels and left KC, he decided to take a year out before starting his university studies and thus agreed to travel as part of this year’s cohort.  The students had spent much of the Spring and Summer of this year


Last updated: 30 Mar 2019