Peer teaching

Sixth-Form Peer Teaching in Geography

A2 students have been busy teaching one another about the UK storms of 2000. Two groups embraced the challenge by including graded learning objectives linked to their A-level exam criteria, whilst one group even included an activity focussed around our CAR feedback policy. Within their activity Alex and Parth provided their class with a model exam answer and asked the class to think pink and mark the answer, before developing the task by asking their peers to go green and improve the model answer.


GCSE Art exam

Our Y11 GCSE Art students are very busy preparing for their OCR-set Task, (GCSE Art exam). All three teaching groups have been creating a fantastic range of preparatory studies, using drawings and paintings undertaken from the recent visit to Kew Gardens.

Warwick University Trip

Fifteen students in year 12 had a day out to Warwick University as part of a “thinking about studying day”. Warwick is a Russell group university and also one of the most prestigious in the UK, so students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in lectures on a variety of subjects from some of the top academics in the UK. This included a psychology lecture on facial expressions and a session focusing on how mathematics can be used to understand the spread of diseases like Ebola.


Last updated: 14 Oct 2018