Warwick University Trip

Fifteen students in year 12 had a day out to Warwick University as part of a “thinking about studying day”. Warwick is a Russell group university and also one of the most prestigious in the UK, so students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in lectures on a variety of subjects from some of the top academics in the UK. This included a psychology lecture on facial expressions and a session focusing on how mathematics can be used to understand the spread of diseases like Ebola.

Student Safety

Safety of young people

Kingsthorpe College considers the safety of its young people as the highest priority. Recent news reports have highlighted the risks posed by terrorist organisations seeking to recruit young people and in some cases this has led to young people travelling to Syria. Due to the brutal nature of the conflict, any young person who travels there is at great risk of coming to harm, and if they supprt a terrorist organisation they are also commiting a crime under UK law.

Year 12 Biologists Visit Oxford Museum

Ms Bailey took Year 12 Biology students to the Oxford Museum of Natural History where they took part in a workshop to discover what genotype they had. They had the opportunity to try out several common lab techniques that are unavailable to us in school due to technological limitations, but that are everyday in a research laboratory. The students were filmed to be included in a “day in the museum” video and Ms Bailey was interviewed. A fascinating day out for all of them. They also got a mention on the Chris Evans breakfast show!


Last updated: 08 Sep 2017