Post 16 welcome Circuit Judge Sandy Canavan

We were delighted to welcome Circuit Judge Sandy Canavan to Kingsthorpe College on Friday 12th October for a talk about her career in law followed by a Q and A session. Sandy is a Circuit Judge sitting at Snarebrook Crown Court in East London, the biggest criminal court centre in Europe. She spoke about her experiences of being a barrister and working on a range of cases, starting with personal injury and family work earlier in her career, to more recently working on cases involving terrorism and gun running.

Students receive interview and personal statement advice from admissions tutor at Nottingham University

Year 12 and 13 students were fortunate to receive advice on interview skills and writing the perfect personal statement this week, as we welcomed Andrea Ranford, an admission tutor from Nottingham University. Robbie Dascombe-Rouse, year 13, said the following about the sessions:

During periods 3 and 4 we had a session on personal statements from Andrea Ranford from the University of Notting ham who provided us with guidance on how to effectively write a personal statement and how to best perform at interview.

Speed reading and study skills master classes for Post 16 students

Students in Post 16 have this week been working with the company ‘Enlightened Education’ to focus on some of the key skills they will need to ensure they are successful during their time in the Sixth Form. The sessions included asking students to conduct their own research and then present it in the form of a mind map, but doing so in a far more advanced way than many had done before – and completing a complex activity in just 15 minutes!


Last updated: 30 Mar 2019