Year 12 students start to focus on future careers

Year 12 students were treated to a talk by careers coach Stephen Isherwood, who runs the successful business and company ‘Invest in your Careers’.  Stephen led four worksheets with our students, explaining how they should regard their current education and possible next step (i.e. university) as a stepping stone to get them to their ultimate goal. He gave some excellent examples and ideas of work experience and internships that students could seek to make themselves more valuable to future employers, and then left students with a questionnaire designed to get them thinking about what they might want to do in the future.  Stephen will meet with all students again shortly to discuss the results of their questionnaire.  This is just the start of the careers focus we will be conducting with year 12 students – we have several university taster sessions happening in College over the next term, as well as people from various different jobs coming in to talk about their careers, including a clinical psychologist and a policeman.  Students have also been asked to let us know which other careers they would like to know more about – and we will do our best to get experts from that field in (and if any parents would like to come in and speak about their own career – please get in touch!).

Mr Pomerantz
Director of Post 16  

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