Students celebrate well being week

Post 16 students celebrate well being week

Thursday 1st February was ‘Time To Talk Day’, where people are encouraged to talk about their well being to remove the stigma that is so often attached to mental health concerns.  We have been celebrating and raising awareness of this with a variety of activities, including an assembly by Miss Wainwright on taking care of yourself, and a talk from Doctor Mike Scanlan on promoting positive mental health.  All students in Post 16 will be making a ‘pledge’ as to how they will try and remove the stigma surrounding mental health during tutor time, and these will be displayed in the Post 16 centre, as well as the many pledges made by teachers.  To further encourage healthy life style and healthy choices, we also gave out free fruit and healthy drinks to students on the 1st February; the hope is this will encourage students to carry on with such habits and replace chocolate bars for bananas for a mid-morning snack!  We know that all the evidence in the world shows how healthy eating and drinking leads to better focus at school, better physical health, and better mental health – now we simply have to regularly remind (and convince) students of this!  

Mr Pomerantz

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