Sarah Passam, from Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire, spoke to all of our Post 16 students during an extended assembly this week about the benefits of volunteering.   Sarah gave examples of how volunteering has benefited many people she has worked with in the past, both the volunteers and the people they have helped. She was also able to dispel many of the myths about volunteering – for example that there are not many opportunities for under 18’s (there are!) and that transport can be a problem (many volunteer positions can be carried out from home, and where necessary companies will reimburse travel expenses).  Sarah stayed after the talk to see if there were any questions and to hand out leaflets to interested students, and it was absolutely delightful to see so many students stay behind to seek more information.  Year 12 students will be required to do at least ten hours of volunteering over the year as part of their progression to year 13, and it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm!  We will soon be launching a full volunteering programme where students can gain national recognised accreditation for their efforts – from this launch the vast majority will be gaining silver (50 hours) or gold (100 hours) awards in no time!

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