Post 16 students go to the polls

Post 16 students took part in their own elections recently, after a week of watching all five of the main political party broadcasts and then spending time debating their manifestos. Students in year 12 and 13 were also given information about registering to vote as well – even those students that are under the age of 18 were encouraged to register, as this means they will be ready for the next election. The mock election then took place during break time on the 7th June (the day before the real one) and very proudly we had almost 100% voter turnout!

The results saw Labour win with a stunning 90% of the votes (!), and the Conservatives in a narrow second position just one vote ahead of UKIP. Greens and Lib Dems managed just two votes each. It was wonderful to see students fully engaged in the voting process, as it was to hear the many discussions taking place the day after the elections – the myth of younger people not being interested in politics has been well and truly destroyed this week!

Paul Pomerantz

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