Apprenticeship success for year 13 students

With year 13 students currently finishing their courses and preparing for their final exams in June, many of those not applying for university have been very busy applying for jobs and apprenticeships. We are very proud of the success that many have had, including:

  • Sam Cowley has secured a high level apprenticeship with D Archer Electrical Engineers and Contractors starting in mid June.
  • Daniel Slinn was successful in applying for a high level apprenticeship position as a Tax Junior with MHA MacIntyre Hudson.
  • Reece Smith and Joe Harrhy went through three selection procedures (including two whole days of interviews and activities) to secure high level apprenticeships with Coca Cola European Partners.

All of these apprenticeships are only available to students achieving highly and with three A-levels or equivalent qualifications, and are all very well paid with many benefits. We look forward to welcoming them back in the coming years to be able to offer advice to our future Post 16 students!

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