Charity fundraising event for Children in Need

On Friday 18 November, will be holding a charity fundraising event for Children In Need. Students will be able to attend College in non-school uniform for a suggested donation of £1. The £1 donation for non-uniform will be collected at the gate, weather permitting, or during tutor time or assembly.
Children in Need support hundreds of charities across the UK and more than £850,000 has been donated to charities in our local area of Northamptonshire (as of November 2015). More information can be found on the BBC website

  • The non-uniform expectations for the day are outlined below:
  • No low cut or revealing outfits
  • No nail varnish, make up or un-natural hair colour or styles.
  • No heels/wedges/open backed shoes.
  • No jewellery, other than the normal College standards.
  • No hats or hoodies worn with hood up.
  • All normal College rules regarding behaviour/mobile phone use etc. will apply.
  • Students must bring all normal equipment for the day – planner, books, PE kit if required.

Donating is an option for students, but if they are not donating £1, they will be expected to come in to College in full uniform.
Please ensure that your child is suitably clothed for the weather conditions, and note that if students fail to adhere to these expectations they may be sent home.

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