Psychology Research day

A group of twenty four psychology students in year 12 spent the day at Northampton University on the 23rd June, working with the lecturers to carry out various pieces of research in small groups. The day was organised by Dr Kimberley Hill, who started proceedings by talking about her own career in conducting and presenting research. The year 12 students researched a topic, carried out the investigation, analysed the data, and presented their findings to an audience of lecturers and PHD students – all in the space of just five hours! The students had a range of topics to choose from, from investigating paranormal activity to looking for a relationship between personality type and name (turns out the rarer a name is the more likely that person is to be an extravert). Another group blindfolded participants and investigated whether they could sense the emotion that the nearby investigator was showing. Results showed that the more sensitive a person is the more likely they are to be able to blindly sense the emotion of others!

As students prepare for the second year of their psychology course this was an excellent opportunity for them to gain real life experience of research, and be taken out of their comfort zone by working in a different setting under pressurised time conditions. They rose to the challenge fantastically, with staff at the university absolutely singing their praises!

We greatly appreciate our partnership work with the university and thank them for their time in supporting our students.

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