U.S. Ambassador visits Kingsthorpe College

Kingsthorpe College students were privileged and honoured to meet with his Excellency, the Ambassador of the United States of America to the United Kingdom and the Court of St James, Matthew Winthrop Barzun, for a couple of hours this morning.

Along with Michael Ellis, MP, the U.S. Ambassador visited the College to listen to the views of Post 16 students about international relations with the USA and to discuss global issues that are important to them. The Ambassador explained to students that their feedback would be collated and shared directly with the U.S. President, Barack Obama. Students had the opportunity for real dialogue with the U.S. Ambassador and they were able to express their views at the very highest level.

The session began with students sharing their perceptions of the U.S. The Ambassador also asked students for their opinions on which foreign policy issues were most important to them and was keen to know what concerns they had about the U.S; students came up with a varied and thought-provoking list. Topics included:  Middle East peace, the UK in the EU, the military, gun laws, the involvement of the US in international relations, healthcare, foreign policy, the U.S. Constitution and international trade. The Ambassador was impressed with the students’ knowledge about US history and politics and thanked them for their feedback.

Kingsthorpe College, a member of The Collaborative Academies Trust, has a strong partnership with a number of schools in the USA, especially the Magic Johnson Academy in New Jersey and the Ambassador’s visit has now built further on the College’s relationship with the U.S.

From left: Kevin Crossley CEO of Collaborative Academies Trust, Michael Ellis MP, US Ambassador Matthew Barzun, myself and Tim Nash, Edison Learning.

Commenting on the visit, Debbie Morrison, Principal, said: “We are truly privileged to have had a visit from the U.S. Ambassador, Matthew Barzun, who was keen to engage with our students and to reinforce for them the ethos of Kingsthorpe College– that every student has the potential to make a really positive difference in the world”.

Head boy, Harry Wooster, thanked the Ambassador for reinforcing students’ belief in themselves and their determination to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally as young leaders.

Before leaving Matthew thanked students and said “at Kingsthorpe College it is clear that everything really is possible”.

For more information please contact Debbie Morrison at Kingsthorpe College on 01604 716106

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