End of term letter from the Principal

Dear Parents

I am writing to remind you that the college breaks up for the Christmas holidays on Friday 18th December 2015. As a thank you to students for all their hard work and dedication this year I am allowing them to finish at 12.30pm on that day. They will be expected to attend periods 1-4 as normal and will then be dismissed after their afternoon registration in period 4. The canteen will be open as usual between 11.00am – 11.20am for students to have something to eat. Any student entitled to a free school meal can also collect a packed lunch at this point for eating later in the day if they so wish.

Students have asked if they can wear a Christmas jumper on the last day of term, in line with National Christmas Jumper day, to raise funds for charity. I have agreed. Students have two options; bring in a £1 donation on the 18th December which will go to support ‘Save the Children’ and ‘Make a Wish’ charities or bring in food/essential items (as listed over) to support the Hope charity which helps people tackling causes of homelessness. Students can bring items of food etc. (limited to those items on the list) to their House office before the 18th December and will then be issued with a receipt to offset the £1 donation for wearing their Christmas jumper. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A NON UNIFORM DAY. Students should wear usual school uniform except they can wear a Christmas jumper instead of their blazer, shirt and tie. If students do not want to wear a Christmas jumper they should arrive in full school uniform. Students can still choose to donate a food parcel though if they wish to.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, as parents, for your considerable support throughout this term. It has been good to meet many more of you at our recent events and parents evenings and it has been a great term in many ways. Many wonderful students, staff and events have created some magical memories for us all.

Year 7 are now settled in to secondary school life and excelling themselves. Year 8 are consolidating their learning very effectively. Year 9 are getting ready to select their options in the New Year. Year 10 have settled in to their new GCSE courses and are showing how dedicated they are. Our Year 11 have worked brilliantly and are about to receive their mock exam results keeping them very focused on study for the final few months ahead and their application to Post 16. Year 12 are pushing themselves hard with their AS choices and Year 13 are preparing for their summer exams and completing their UCAS applications. It has been a very positive term for students and staff.

The new college term will begin on Monday 4th January, 2016 at the usual time and I look forward to seeing everyone back refreshed and ready for the term ahead. I hope that you have a wonderfully relaxing Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best

Debbie Morrison OBE


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