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An exciting opportunity is coming...

Dear Parents

We are truly excited and privileged to have this opportunity to share with you an exciting development for Kingsthorpe College. There is an opportunity for us to build a brand new partner Primary school based on the principles, vision and values that are at the heart of our educational philosophy.

Pupil numbers across Northampton are growing rapidly and the present primary provision is bursting at the seams with yet more housing being built. The increasing demand for quality schools and a first class education is always going to be of the highest priority for Northampton parents. What better solution than to build a brand new, highly effective, Primary school on our doorstep in order to meet the growing needs of our local community.

Through strong leadership and inspirational teaching, Kingsthorpe College and the Collaborative Academies Trust want to make an even bigger difference and we want to create even more opportunities across this community to unlock the potential of our young people.

Our aim is to open a primary school on the Kingsthorpe site for September 2017, initially with 2 reception classes, growing with a new intake group each year. We will obviously respond to local demand, though, so if there was a need for an additional group of children in a different year group we would certainly consider it.
This is your new primary school. We want you to imagine the best primary school education you could possibly get for your children and we want to make it happen for you. We are absolutely committed to being nothing short of outstanding.

  • We will celebrate childhood for as long as we can with you, we will create magic moments for your little ones and you.
  • We will enable them to live by empowering beliefs and help them to tap into their full potential by shifting any beliefs that may have been limiting them.
  • We will bring their imaginations alive; give them access to the very best teachers and resources; stimulate their creativity, their artistic, athletic and academic talents.
  • We will lead them to achieve things others only dream about but along the way create influence and impact by contributing to others.
  • We will help them to progress through Kingsthorpe Primary School, through Kingsthorpe College and into adulthood with amazing skills and confidence.
  • We can tell you all the things we intend to do but it’s not just what we will do but how we will do it that will make the difference – it’s not about more of the same in Northamptonshire – a new approach and a new style is now needed.
  • You have seen it work at Kingsthorpe College; you have seen the rapid progress and felt the positive change and growth in your child; you have seen us become the school of first choice for so many parents and you know the demand of getting your child a place at Kingsthorpe College. We now want to work with you to make the same difference for the youngest members of our community.

Together, let’s challenge those deeply embedded and often unquestioned habits and set a totally new standard in education.
Leadership is about being big and bold and making things happen because we believe in them. With energy, passion and determination everything becomes possible –it’s just simply a question of how far we want to take things. We can do this together!

School leadership is the best job in the world, though not an easy one. Whilst continuing to lead Kingsthorpe College and its 11-18 year olds even further on their journey of success we also now want to enable the youngest pupils of Kingsthorpe to start to achieve their dreams too. Please support us in turning this into a reality and enabling us to build Kingsthorpe Primary School to work hand in hand with Kingsthorpe College.

You can register an interest for your child to possibly attend the new primary school (if they are presently year 4 and below) by logging on to and completing the on line form. This is not an application for a primary school place but an expression of interest so that we can gauge community demand.

It would be wonderful to work with you and your child from the age of 4 through to 18 and this is the time for us all to make it happen.

Thank you for your support.

Ms Debbie Morrison OBE

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