Warwick University Trip

Fifteen students in year 12 had a day out to Warwick University as part of a “thinking about studying day”. Warwick is a Russell group university and also one of the most prestigious in the UK, so students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in lectures on a variety of subjects from some of the top academics in the UK. This included a psychology lecture on facial expressions and a session focusing on how mathematics can be used to understand the spread of diseases like Ebola. Students were also given a tour of the campus and able to see just how big some Universities can be; Warwick University has over 20,000 students and the campus itself features a travel agents, hairdressers, several coffee shops, two full size club venues and a library that is almost the size of Kingsthorpe College alone!

We finished with a Q and A session where the most popular question was about the admission process. The answer was simple: As well as achieving high grades it is vital that students take part in wider reading and gain work experience as well. This is the advice that we continuously give to our year 12 students, so it is nice to hear that is exactly what the Universities want as well. Students left the day feeling inspired and with a clearer idea of what they may wish to study in the future. Warwick University is one of a number of Universities that we have a close link with, and are part of a scheme called Realising Opportunities. This will involve several of our future sixth form students (current year 11’s) being invited to additional study support meetings at Warwick University, being provided with an E-mentor from one of the top Russell Group Universities (these are the top 24 Universities in the country), and being given various opportunities to enhance their sixth form experience – for example with work experience placements that may not be available to sixth form students from other schools. Students who take part in this scheme can then be given a preferential offer from any of these Russell Group Universities - typically they will be accepted with two grades lower than students from other schools need to achieve. They will also receive a two thousand bursary when they start at the University!

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